Why we choose Singapore Math?

In the latest TIMSS survey 2019, Singapore has the highest rate of "Mathematics and Science Honors".

35% of pupils in the 4th grade of primary school and 42% of students in the 2nd grade of lower secondary school achieved the highest grades of distinction in both mathematics and science. It ranks first among the top five education systems in the world.

Singapore is also the only one where more than half of the 4th grade of primary school(54%) and the 2nd grade of lower secondary school (51%) achieve excellent grades in mathematics. The international ranking is 7% and 5% respectively.

Why we choose Singapore Math?

Comparison of the advantages of Singapore Math

Singapore math characteristicsSingapore math characteristics

Traditional Math


Teaches abstract concepts directly.


Rote learning and doing a lot of exercises.


Detached from life, poorly applied.


Disrespect for children's cognitive laws.

Singapore Math

Easy to Understand

CPA modeling to visualize math.

Easy to Learn

Represented by diagrams, attention is given to the method.


Live life.And learn the math story that is happening around you.

More Scientific

Focus on guidance and analysis to cultivate children's sense of self-discovery.

CPA Pedagogy For Singapore Math

The mystery of why Singapore math is so good.

  • Mathematical visualizationCONCRETEStart with physical objects and let children perceive the world in terms of "numbers".
  • Visual teaching of math problemsPICTORIALObjects are represented by graphs. Visualize quantitative relationships through graphs.
  • Abstract teaching of math problemsABSTRACTExplore induction, grasp essential modeling, and abstract general laws

Concrete -> Pictorial -> Abstrac
The abilities increase in a step-by-step fashion.Let children build mathematical thinking

One-on-One Bilingual Chinese and English Class

Online Math Thinking Interactive Class

Bilingual classes in Chinese and English help children improve their English and mathematics skills while improving their mathematical skills.

Integrating Eastern and Western Teaching Director

  • American Math

    American Math TeachingObjective: Understanding.Hands-on and explorative.
    Improve thinking skills.
  • Singapore Math

    Math Teaching in SingaporeObjective: Understanding & Application.Focus on exploration and analysis, guide model establishment, and practice effectively.
  • Chinese Math

    Chinese math teachingObjective: SolvingDo more exercises to improve speed and accuracy.

Combined with Western teaching methods: Model teaching, focusing on the exploration process and the cultivation of problem-solving skills.
Combined with oriental teaching methods: Practice in sufficient quantities, focusing on habit formation and thinking internalization.

Fun and interactive classroom

Online Math Thinking Interactive Class

Fully mobilize children's interest in learning and guide children to take the initiative to solve problems

Cooperation and Commitment

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  • Service commitment
    Service commitmentConsiderate and meticulous service throughout the process Sign service agreement to protect the rights and interests of students
  • Teacher commitment
    Teacher commitmentStrict screening, continuous assessment and strict training Accompanying fish provides good teachers for each student
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